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Prepared by the PONTELAND CIVIC SOCIETY for the

This Draft “Local List” is of buildings, open spaces or other local features – not otherwise formally Listed – for possible incorporation into the emerging Neighbourhood Plan for Ponteland.

The individual items will be formally incorporated after appropriate consultation, and following any necessary modifications which may be required.

The criteria used are applied in a Local, rather than a National context, and are loosely based upon those in the Historic England (formerly English Heritage) Good Practice Guide [1]. They may be summarised as follows:-

  (a) The Age of an Asset;
  (b) The Rarity – as judged against local characteristics;
  (c) The Aesthetic Value – intrinsic design value relating to distinctive local characteristics;
  (d) Group Value – groups with a clear visual, design or historic relationship;
  (e) Evidential Value – as enhanced by a significant contemporary or historic written record;
  (f) Historic Association – as enhanced by a significant historical association or an association with a local figure of note;
  (g) Archaeological interest – where the level of evidence base is sufficiently compelling, or if a distinct area can be identified;
  (h) Designed Landscapes – relating to the interest attached to locally important designed landscapes, parks and gardens;
  (i) Landmark Status – having strong communal or historical associations or of a particularly striking aesthetic value, or
  (j) Social and Communal Value – places perceived to be a source of local identity, distinctiveness, social interaction and coherence; often residing in intangible aspects of heritage contributing to the “collective memory” of a place.

Generally, some combination of the above factors will be involved.

[1] “Good Practice Guide for Local Heritage Listing” English Heritage. 2012. p.16.


Various of the images used are in the Author’s own collection. For information, advice, and quotations from other written and/or photographic material, grateful thanks are owed to:

  Muriel Sobo;
  The Late Leslie Almond;
  Geoff & Dorothy Warner;
  John Turner/Ponteland Local History Society;
  Will Moses;
  The Committee of the Ponteland Civic Society;
  The Trustees of Dalton Village Hall.

This Draft Document has been prepared by Philip Ham on behalf of the Ponteland Civic Society for the Ponteland Neighbourhood Plan Group.

© The Ponteland Civic Society.

The Proposed List

Click on an item to view information about it.

  1. 1. The Diamond Inn, to the east of the river and north of Ponteland Road.
  2. 2. The former Coates Institute, 1 Main Street.
  3. 3. Ponteland Memorial Hall, Darras Road.
  4. 4. Ponteland Methodist Church; junction of Callerton Lane and Ponteland Road.
  5. 5. St. Matthews RC Church on West Road.
  6. 6. Ash House, Bell Villas, to the east of Ponteland Methodist Church.
  7. 7. The Building immediately to the east of Ash House, 14 Bell Villas.
  8. 8. The former National Westminster Bank building at the junction of Darras Road and West Road.
  9. 9. Merton Cottages (or “College Row” ) Nos. 2 & 4 West Road.
  10. 10. “Ladywell Cottage” on West Road, to the West of Collingwood Court.
  11. 11. The Farmhouse at Eland Green Farm.
  12. 12. Clickemin Farmhouse.
  13. 13. Clickemin Farm Buildings.
  14. 14. No. 10 Darras Road.
  15. 15. No. 8 Darras Road.
  16. 16. Darras Hall Farmhouse.
  17. 17. Little Callerton Cottage, (79 Runnymede Road).
  18. 18. Three restored milestones on the A696.
  19. 19. Dalton Village Hall. NE18 0AD.
  20. 20. The former School on the Police Headquarters Site.
  21. 21. Strettle’s Funeral Parlour.
  22. 22. Station Cottages.
  23. 23. James Stobert's House.
  24. 24. United Reformed Church.
  25. 25. Railway Crossing-Keeper's Cottage.
  26. 26. The Verger's Cottage.
  27. 27. The Toll House.
  28. 28. Merton Hall.
  29. 29. Ponteland Bridge.
  30. 30. Little Callerton Moor Farm.


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