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Pressure on Our Greenbelt

A number of developers are interested in building extensively on our surrounding Green Belt. This could ultimately result in Ponteland being surrounded by relatively high-density housing and the loss of our greenbelt separation from the Newcastle conurbation.

Northumberland and Newcastle/Gateshead have both been consulting on Core Strategies, Local Development Plans which set the direction of their development up to 2030. These strategies include housing needs and include reviews of greenbelt areas.

The Government's National Planning Poilicy Framework (NPPF), published in March 2012, has allowed developers to think that, at least until a new Local Plan or Core Development Strategy has been adopted, any Green Belt land may be up for grabs. Whilst Northumberland County Council have almost finished consulting on their draft Local Plan, the formal adoption will take until mid-2016 so the danger is real.

Northumberland County Council Information on Northumberland's draft strategy and the consultation process can be found by clicking here.

Newcastle and Gateshead This strategy will influence what happens to their Green Belt land, which forms much of the space between Ponteland and the urban area. Information on their strategy and consultation process can be found by clicking here.

Ponteland Civic Society has produced a report on how Northumberland and other local authorities have dealt with 'S106 Agreements'. These legal agreements require a developer of residential units and commercial development above a certain threshold to make a payment to the authority for use to benefit the wider community. Delays in signing an agreement can mean that an otherwise approved development is not included in estimates of future housing supply. Our report can be viewed by clicking here.

Ponteland Green Belt Group has been set up and their website can be visited by clicking here.

A Ponteland Local Plan is being produced and the website can be visited by clicking here.

Newcastle West Greenbelt Protection Campaign has been set up and their website can be visited by clicking here.

Disclaimer: Information is provided in good faith. Ponteland Civic Society uses reasonable endeavours to check the accuracy of information published or made available on this website. You should note however that the Society does not warrant that such information will be error free. Third party information included may not always reflect the views of the Society.

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