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On the 25th of July 2011 the Government began Consultation on the new National Planning Policy Framework, a process which finished on the 17th of October 2011.

We were told that your views were welcome on any aspect of the draft Framework and you didnít need to fill up all of the extensive Questionnaire to respond. This Framework will affect the way our environment develops for generations to come, and all readers were urged to have a look at the proposals and respond as they thought appropriate.

Ponteland Town Council had paper copies of the Government documents to see at 1, Meadowfield Court.

The Government documents published on 25th July can be accessed (in .pdf format) by clicking on their titles below:-
1. Draft National Planning Policy Framework
2. Consultation Document
3. Impact Assessment
4. Summary for Media

Ponteland Civic Society's response to the consultation can be read by clicking here and Baroness Hanham's response to a copy of this sent to the Hon Guy Opperman MP by clicking here.

Further information could also be found on the Government's 'Communities and Local Government website'.


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