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Civic Society Meetings are held in St Mary’s Church Hall, Thornhill Road, Ponteland, NE20 9PZ starting at 7.30pm
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New Leisure Centre Consultation
July 2016

"We might as well just lock up and go home!" - Center Parcs (allegedly)

A further consultation document can be accessed on Northumerland's website here. Consultation finishes on 11th August 2016.

This consultation is only really aimed at the facilities provided and not the location and integration with schools requiring use of greenbelt land. It tries to suggest that this has all been agreed as part of the schools consultation but that is not true.

The document also confirms that public access will be limited during the school day. It is silent on what happens to accomodate schoolextra-curricular sports sessions.

The consultation document can also be accessed on our own website here

There is a small display in the Leisure Centre reception area. It has photographs of facilities at other locations but it looks as if we will have only some of these on a smaller scale if the proposals go ahead. The display carries the health warning:

The above pictures are for reference purposes only and not a true reflection of what the desired features would like (sic) within the Leisure and Entertainment Complex.

Bowling Area

Aquatic Park

Clip & Climb



Lugano II?

On Tuesday 12th July Northumberland County Council's Cabinet will consider proposals for a 'Garden Village' on the Dissington Estate.

Officers recommend that Cabinet:

  1. Notes the content of the report and agrees to the submission of an Expression Of Interest (EOI) to DCLG for support in developing proposals for a new garden village at The Dissington Estate, Ponteland and
  2. Following further discussion with DCLG as part of the EOI process, approves the making of further modifications to the Northumberland Local Plan Core Strategy, requiring further public consultation, to allow the garden village proposal to be brought forward through the Plan.

The report notes that:

  • Since publication of the DCLG prospectus, the Council has been approached by a landowner and developer, Lugano Developments Limited, who have an interest in developing a garden village in Northumberland and working with the Council to prepare submission of an EOI. The land in question, known as The Dissington Estate, is located north of Ponteland in the Green Belt. The land is not currently proposed for Green Belt deletion in the Northumberland Local Plan Core Strategy Pre Submission Draft - Major Modifications (June 2016) and therefore further major modifications to the document, requiring further public consultation, would be necessary to allow the garden village proposal to be brought forward through the Local Plan process.
  • .

    The following documents can also be downloaded from our own site.
    The paper to be considered by Cabinet on 12th July
    The associated press release

2 Important Current Items:

Re-think on Schools' Location included in School Organisation consultation

On Friday 18th March Northumberland County Council launched a consultation on proposals for a change from the 3-Tier to a 2-Tier school organisation in Ponteland.

As part of this consultation a map has emerged showing the schools sharing the current Leisure Centre site with whatever Leisure Facilities are provided Click here to view this map. The map shows an area significantly reduced from that currently occupied by the leisure centre and schools and is silent on housing proposals

In a further development Ponteland Middle School, which was threatened with closure under the proposals, has applied for and received approval for becoming an academy school. With this status Northumberland County Council is obliged to grant the school a 125 year lease on its current site.

Northumberland Core Strategy Consultation on Major Modifications

A further phase of consultation began on the 15th June and comments will be received up to 4pm on Wednesday 27th July.

Click here to visit Northumerland's consultation page, from which papers can be downloaded and online comments submitted.

The following documents can also be downloaded from our own site but be aware that these may not always be up to date.
Brief guide to the major modifications consultation
The Proposed Major Modifications to be commented on.(June 2016)
Proposed Minor Modifications (For Information Only) and
The Full Draft as Modified (For Information Only).

Greenbelt Map

The modified greenbelt plans for Ponteland show loss of greenbelt for housing to the east of Willow Way, mixed use of the triangle of land between Rotary Way and Ponteland Road (with the beige area 'safeguarded' for future use) and employment use at Prestwick, abutting the airport.

The Listed Buildings of Ponteland Photographed 2015

An excellent document showing Photographs of The Listed Buildings of Ponteland in 2015 has been produced. Click here to view or download a copy. (151MB)

Draft "Local List"

A Draft “Local List” of buildings, open spaces or other local features – not otherwise formally Listed – has been drawn up for possible incorporation into the emerging Neighbourhood Plan for Ponteland.Do you have any comments or proposed additions? Click here to view or download the draft list. Comments may be submitted to

Pre-emptive Library Move?

Northumberland County Council intend to move the library operation away from Thornhill Road, to the Leisure Centre in the near future. Click here to view Northumberland's Press Release.

Callerton Lane Landscape Study

The Society has produced a Landscape Study concentrating on the eastern side of Callerton Lane. We believe that this landscaping makes a huge contribution to the rural feel of Ponteland. This study may be useful background reading before the Drop-in Session and before responding to the Ponteland Proposals Consultation.

The study can be downloaded by clicking here (8MB).

Yolo outside seating 600.jpg

The seating deck outside 'You Only Live Once', in Bell Villas and part of the conservation area, was installed without planning permission. A retrospective application was approved by Northumberland County Council on 23rd February 2016. Councillors Heather Cairns, Anthony Murray, Trevor Thorne and Tony Reid argued that the application should be rejected, as soft landscaping of the area had been a condition of approval of the original application at appeal. Councillors Anne Dale, Jeff Gobin and three others voted in favour of the application.

Old Mill Site 600.jpg

Permission for a substantial development on the site of the Old Mill, West Road has been granted on appeal.

(artist's impression)

Public Inquiry into refusal of planning permission for the proposed Lugano development at Birney Hill Farm

This appeal has been rejected. The inspectors report is available from our website here.

Requirements for Conservation Areas

There are legal requirements for Conservation Areas and information can be found on the Historic England website.

Older information can be found in our Archive Area click here to view.

Disclaimer: Information is provided in good faith. Ponteland Civic Society uses reasonable endeavours to check the accuracy of information published or made available on this website. You should note however that the Society does not warrant that such information will be error free. Third party information included may not always reflect the views of the Society.

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